Textile, clothing and men suit manufacture company of KOUK is a group of industrial clothing and suit producers, aims to be one of the greatest industrial production of clothing and fabric, is founded in Isfahan by Mr. Alinaghi Mahloujy and Ahmad Mahloujy who have been experienced for 40 years in this business. Some of the privileges of the Company is the affordable prices and using the best materials to produce the fabric.

KOUK’s production capability

We have chosen our teams from educated and experienced designers to discover our customers’ attitude and requirement of different ages through applying up-to-date science; as a result, presents the customer satisfaction. KOUK textile company provides 6000 suits from a wide range of colors and designs each month for its internal company. In the near future, according to the latest expand of the company, we will have the 60,000suit capacity in a month.

KOUK’s Vision

KOUK has been tending to use natural materials such as wool and cotton, considering environmental protection; also, health and sanitation.

Innovation in the field of using and implementing high-tech machines of cloth production in order to reach to new goals and planning for extensive production and trade activities.